A rigorous energy management system is mostly a low-cost measure with a high degree of efficiency. It can take many forms - from a simple periodic accounting to complex management and expert systems based on an automated system of data collection and assessment.

The energy management system can be implemented either separately without ties to the investment project or as part of the EPC project.

Do you know that energy management introduced concurrently with the investment EEMs bring more savings amounting to 3-5%?

If the energy management is part of the EPC project, the main goal is monitoring the effectiveness of the operation of energy systems and verification of the savings achieved during the period of repayment of the investments. Thanks to the operating experience and analysis of the collected data, we can propose and with the client’s approval we can also implement additional EEMs and therefore continuously improve the quality and results of the EPC project.

What does energy management include?

  • remote operation of the individual room heating control and control of boiler room, ventilation, air conditioning and other technological systems functions through our dispatching
  • verification and analysis of the achieved savings
  • recommendations for further improvement

The aim of this energy management service is usually not the direct operation of the energy generating and transporting systems, although it can also be arranged, as for example in projects of school buildings in Prague 9 and Prague 13.

Conversely, remote operation of individual heating control systems is a standard part of the service.